Crime prevention tips

Crime prevention tips

As a result of a recent rise in criminal activity in rural areas in this part of Hampshire  our local policeman, PC Andy Reid, was spurred on to arrange a meeting in the Valley in November to discuss aspects of crime prevention.

A number of houses and outbuildings have been broken into in the area, including a disturbing situation in Cliddesden when someone broke into two houses at night while the occupants were asleep upstairs.

“ I decided that due to an increase in certain types of burglary offences, where the most simple efforts in crime prevention could well have made it impossible for the thieves to gain entry, or at the worst make life considerably more difficult, that perhaps the populous may need a brief reminder,” said PC Reid.

At the meeting PC Reid was accompanied by Ms Julie Gallagher, a Hampshire County Council Trading Standards Officer, who reviewed some of the tricks of confidence tricksters, and their various scams and gave other information on what is known as ‘door step crime.’

“The agenda included practical advice and literature on home security, security for outbuildings, sheds / garages, locks, alarms, lighting, foliage etc. All things you can do to make life difficult for intruders and criminals. Hampshire Trading Standards also provided advice and literature on protection against scams, nuisance calls, cold callers to your home, protection from door step criminals and measures to protect the vulnerable within our communities, which will also include your rights after purchasing goods, and registered tradesmen that have been vetted and can be trusted to do your work,” said PC Reid.

Further advice is available from Hampshire Police and the Hampshire County Council Trading Standards Office.


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