Notices of electricity cuts cause confusion

Notices of electricity cuts cause confusion

Residents of Preston Candover may be greatly confused having received what appear to be conflicting notices from Scottish & Southern Electricity of a series of power cuts in the village.

A week ago they were given notice of an all-day power stoppage on Wednesday, 24 March, for important transmission work in the village. The stoppage would take place from 09.0 to 16.00 and residents were told: “We are turning off your power so we can replace the old wooden poles that our overhead power lines in your area are attached to.”  …..  “We have a responsibility to ensure we provide our customers with a safe electricity network, this work must go ahead to improve the network in your area and reduce the risk of power cuts in the future. ‘

SSE did also say: “We are reviewing all planned power cuts before we start work to minimise any disruption with so many customers and children being asked to work or learn from home.”

Today residents received a second notice with information about two more stoppages on Saturday, 27 March, from 09.30 to 10.00 and from 15.30 to 16.00.   But, this second notice includes no reference to the previous one and does not say if these stoppages have now replaced that planned for 24 March. The notice does say “We are turning off your power to connect a generator to continue supplying electricity while we replace the old wooden poles.  When the work is complete we will turn your power off again to remove the generator. It can take up to 30 minutes to connect or remove a generator.”

On the face of it, it would appear that the all-day stoppage on 24 March is no longer necessary.  But, a telephone call to SSE’s help line staff produced no further information, and attempts to call the operations office at Farnham resulted in an immediate disconnection.

In view of the uncertainty, residents may wish, therefore, to take precautions and assume that in the absence of further clarification both stoppages will go ahead, and, especially in relation to the possible 24 March stoppage, prepare fridges and freezers and other power-dependent equipment for a lengthy period without electricity.

SSE’s contact details are on the notices, with the helpline number of 0800 294 3259.


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