Coronavirus pandemic – is not over yet!

Coronavirus pandemic – is not over yet!

Although many people seem to be relaxing and stretching the ties that are supposed to be keeping us safe, and in many cases at home, it is quite clear from the number of new cases daily nationally, and in Hampshire, that the pandemic is far from over. In Hampshire there were more than 560 new cases recorded in the last week, and in the local districts to the Candover Valley, Basingstoke and Deane reported 67, East Hampshire had 50 and Winchester had 49.   There were also 19 additional deaths in the last week, with three in Basingstoke and Deane, but none in East Hampshire and Winchester.

However, there has been a very significant drop in the rolling seven-day numbers of active cases in the MSOAs – the smaller more localised areas in the Valley and immediate surrounding areas as reported up to five days before today, on 10 March.  Old Basing & the Candovers, Four Marks & East Tisted, Springvale & Itchen Abbas and Overton & North Waltham all have less than three active cases, but Alresford which has been up nd down several times in recent weeks now has 4 cases – a rate of 47.3 per 100,000 of the local population, and Hatch Warren, the nearest area in Basingstoke adjoining the Candovers, still has three cases and a rate of 34.8.

In Basingstoke & Deane as a whole there is only one district with more than 100 cases per 100,000 of population – Bramley, Sherfield & the Sherbournes had 12 cases and a rate of 127.1. Four of the MSOAs are between 50 and 99 and all those within the Basingstoke town area have less than 10. While coronavirus currently appears to be under control in this part of Hampshire, it has not gone away and there have been several minor spikes, admittedly with the number of new cases in single figures, to show that it is still lingering.


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