Covid-19 stabilising in Hampshire

3 June 2020 - The Hampshire NHS Trust area covered by the Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester hospitals still has one of the highest recorded number of cases of Covid-19 in the country, but it is now stabilising at a much reduced daily rate.  At the peak of the pandemic Hampshire hospitals were dealing with more than 100 new cases a day.  Now the number is in single figures – just two in the last two days  and the curve is flattening. See more.Covid-19 – Hampshire 3-6-20 and Covid-19 – Hampshire rate per pop 3-6-20

However,  Basingstoke and Deane has the highest number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Hampshire with a total to date of 727, with a rate of  413.8  per 100,000 population. It is more than double the number of all other districts, apart from Rushmoor (covering the Farnborough area) which has a total of 391 confirmed cases and a slightly lower rate of 409.8 per 100,000. See the full list below and chart - Covid-19 – Hampshire districts 3 June 2020

Why does Basingstoke and Deane have so many more confirmed cases than any other district in Hampshire?  It may be be partly accounted for by the higher population in Basingstoke (altho0ugh the New Forest has more) and denser housing and, perhaps, more people are needing to work in helping to provide vital services.  But, there is also speculation that some people in the Basingstoke area have not heeded the Government warnings as well as those in other areas.  Further research may help to determine the reasons.

Covid-19 in Hampshire districts

  No.  Rate
Basingstoke 727 413.77 175.70
East Hants 274 227.01 120.70
Eastleigh 267 202.58 131.80
Fareham 182 156.49 116.30
Gosport 124 145.37 85.30
Hart 184 191.07 96.30
Havant 242 192.37 125.80
New Forest 281 156.28 179.80
Rushmoor 391 409.85 95.40
Test Valley 307 245.21 125.20
Winchester 368 296.06 124.30

This shows the total number of confirmed cases in each district, and the number in relation to the district’s population.


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