Superfast Broadband arrives in Preston Candover

After what seems to have been years of waiting, the first Superfast Broadband Cabinet went live in the middle of September. Unfortunately it is only those located in Preston Candover to the south of the telephone exchange who are able to receive Superfast Broadband (cabinet 1) at this time .

To find out whether you can receive superfast, visit the BT checking site

Initial performance is very good – we have gone from being in the bottom 20%of the UK, to being in the top 5%SFB

2015-09-21 22_39_19-Going further with Superfast Broadband · Hampshire Superfast Broadband - Interne

2015-09-21 22_41_28-What's Happening in Hampshire_ · Hampshire Superfast Broadband - Internet Explor

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  1. Keith Laws says:

    When can Axford (cabinet 4) users expect superfast broadband?

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